Peg Solitaire 12.0 Mod (Unlimited Money) Download

Peg Solitaire 10.8.1 Mod Unlimited Money Download

Free Download Peg Solitaire Android Mobile Game with MOD, Peg Solitaire is BoardBrain Games Mobile Game. All new and updated version are included in download links of MOD file, Download links of this Peg Solitaire game are fast and 100% secure from any viruses. is following the google Play Sotre Rules.

Peg Solitaire MOD BoardBrain Games Game Information.

MOD Name Peg Solitaire
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Android 4.1+

Peg Solitaire Mod for android Mobile / TAB – Pegs is a classic puzzle, known by different names:
– A soldier.
– Only one.
– Senku.
– Peg Solitaire.
– Brainvita.
– Hi-Q

You can play a lot of classic, triangular, hexagonal and army boards, distributed by levels.

The most popular board is English, which is shaped like a cross with 33 holes.

The object of the game is to leave only one ball on the board. The balls are eliminated one by one, jumping one on top of another to occupy an empty hole.

It is worth mentioning all the historical square, triangular and hexagonal lattice boards, as well as their variants:

* Square lattice:
– English. Also known as standard, Hi-Q, Pegs Puzzle or Classic Solitaire.
– French or European
– Wiegleb or German.
– Asymmetrical.
– Diamond or Continental.
– Square
– Hermary.
– Huber.
– Kralenspel.
– Siege.
– IQ
– Baffler.

* Triangular lattice:
– Triangle.
– Extended triangle.
– Truncated triangle. (including penguin).
– Propeller.
– Hourglass.
– Rhombus.
– Hoppers.

* Hexagonal lattice:
– Hexagon.
– Subtrax.
– Flower.
– Star. (including maple leaf and Chinese checkers).
– Trapeze.
– Arrow.
– Snowflake.

Main features.
– You can play horizontally or vertically.
– Different levels and boards.
– If you wish, you can select the start cell.
– Records: To restart a record of a board, press and hold the black panel of information where the record appears.
– Reset.
– Undo.
– Redo.
– Timer.
– Accountant.
– Coordinate axes.

Types of jump:
– Orthogonal (horizontal and vertical).
– Orthogonal and diagonal (for several boards of the classic level).
– Horizontal and diagonal: for the triangular and hexagonal levels.

There are two types of movement:
*Drag and drop.
* Press source ball and then hit the empty hole target.
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Whats New

  • MOD Bug Fixed
  • Peg Solitaire MOD New Version Updated
  • Peg Solitaire Download Fast
  • Peg Solitaire MOD and Unlimited Money, coins files included.

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