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あやかしコントラクト スマホ版 1.00 Mod (Unlimited Money) Download

1.00 Mod Unlimited Money Download

Free Download あやかしコントラクト スマホ版 Android Mobile Game with MOD, あやかしコントラクト スマホ版 is Adventure Mobile Game. All new and updated version are included in download links of MOD file, Download links of this あやかしコントラクト スマホ版 game are fast and 100% secure from any viruses. PlayStoreMod.com is following the google Play Sotre Rules.

あやかしコントラクト スマホ版 MOD Adventure Game Information.

MOD Name あやかしコントラクト スマホ版
MOD Category Adventure
PlayStore ID jp.domeiapp.ayakashi
Version MOD Requirements


Android 5.0+

あやかしコントラクト スマホ版 Mod for android Mobile / TAB – 両親の度重なる転勤で友達に恵まれない主人公。














copyright: (C)AXL
The protagonist who is not blessed with friends due to repeated transfers of parents.
I got lost in the forest at the tip of the country where I moved in.
Meanwhile, the relationship between the main character and the youkai begins with the help of a great monster called the Forest Nushi.

A school comedy in a country town where youkai and humans coexist!

■■■ Overview ■■■
This game is a love adventure game.
Some early scenarios can be played for free.
By releasing the scenario lock, you will be able to play all the scenarios in this volume.

Genre: Love Adventure Game
Voice: Yes
Required storage space: Approximately 1.55 GB

■■■ Price ■■■
The price of the scenario unlock key is 2,820 yen (tax included).
* There is no additional charge for the above prices.

■■■ Story ■■■
Yukiya, who had been blessed with friends due to repeated transfers of his parents, decided to transfer to a country school where his uncle lives, in opposition to his parents’ overseas assignment.

However, Yukiya lost her way in the forest of Hosenmori Town, which took hours by train from the city, and she was helped by a great monster who could be called the Forest Nushi.

The next morning, a stuffed toy raccoon will appear under Yukiya as a substitute for Nushi-sama.
It was a youkai named Shoji.
Yukiya was able to see the specter of the specter because of the special water that was drunk when she was saved by Nushi.
Shoji squeezes out “Fill the contract.”
Yukiya had a contract to hear Nushi’s wish.

Yukiya, who became able to see a youkai, has just failed at the school where she was transferred.
It seems to be an eerie guy who is singing alone, or he is hated by trying to stop the monster mischief.
I wanted to make a friend this time, but there were a lot of things.

Nushi-sama’s wish is to “solve the troubles of the youkai” in order to fulfill the contract and be released from this power.

For the schoolmates who moved in, there was a shrine maiden with no supernatural power,
I can’t see the spirit medium, but I can feel it.
There are many girls with a lot of individuality, such as a cocoon with Nushi-like features.
The younger cousin, Anna, who admires the city, also remembers Yukiya.
Then, I met the worshiper’s Haruka, who was interested in the guardian forest where youkai live.

While living with these girls, Yukiya managed to manage the youkai’s requests, eventually making friends that she had been wishing for, and blending into Hosenmoricho.
However, with modernization, the wave of redevelopment approaches the forest where youkai live.
Yukiya, along with his friends, was going to try to protect the forest of the guardian.

A country town where youkai and humans coexist.
This is a student’s heartwarming story that was liked by such specters …

* The content will be arranged for general mobile users. Please note that the content differs from the original work.

copyright: (C) AXL
Ver. 1.00 配信開始

MoD Updated Installed

Latest Version


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Whats New

  • MOD Bug Fixed
  • あやかしコントラクト スマホ版 MOD New Version Updated
  • あやかしコントラクト スマホ版 Download Fast
  • あやかしコントラクト スマホ版 MOD and Unlimited Money, coins files included.

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